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Higher education in Germany!

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Why is Germany the best option for studying abroad?

A German education is valued all over the world. Your chances of getting a high-paying job will increase dramatically. You can become a full-fledged member of a specialist team almost anywhere in the world.

German universities are relatively inexpensive. Most of them are public institutions and require only a fee of 100 – 300 euros for half a year. Students are entitled to free travel on public transport and a part-time job with a living wage of up to 450 euros. Dual education ( study + working ) is more lucrative and brings up to 1000 Euros per month. German universities pay a stipend for academic excellence and participation in social activities.

Once you get a job after your studies, you can stay in Germany on a work visa and enjoy all the benefits of a full-fledged residence permit. After 5 years in Germany you are entitled to apply for citizenship.

With a residence permit or German citizenship, you have the right to get a job in any German company. You can also form your own company in Germany or in any country of the European Union.

Germans are very law-abiding people. German order is still the benchmark for European countries. Being in Germany you will feel safe and comfortable.

Germany’s central location in Europe makes it quite close to the most countries. Clean and modern airports can be found in all major German cities.


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Our advantages

The Guarantee

We guarantee your confidentiality and your successful entrance to a university in Germany

Experienced professionals

Our staff are experienced international student supervisors, interpreters and lawyers

A Real Firm

Our business is official and registered in Europe and USA

Direct contact

Each client will be linked directly to a personal supervisor at all times

Our goal

to make the entrance of applicants from all over the world to universities in Germany as comfortable and effective as possible

We will make sure that you are not touched by the familiar German bureaucracy and carefully choose an educational institution that fully meets your needs and expectations. All you need to do is to follow the instructions, diligence and diligence in your studies.

We help you get a scholarship

There are many foundations that offer scholarship opportunities at the beginning or during your studies. We will send your documents to the right foundations for you in order to get you a scholarship and financial support. The amount of the scholarship varies from 300 Euros per month, up to approximately 1500 Euros.


Just learn, we'll do the rest!

Studying at a German university can be an open door to a world of great opportunities and a stepping stone to fulfilling your most cherished desires.

Services and pricing

  • YES

  • We organize your entrance to a university in Germany with a 100% guarantee
    1695 EUR
  • YES

    Together with you we choose the direction according to your interests and the demand for the specialty
  • YES

    We select 5 educational institutions according to individual needs and work with three of them on the customer's choice
  • YES

    We prepare, check and verify the documents required for admission to a university in Germany
  • YES

    A native speaker will check and proofread and correct your CV and motivational letter
  • YES

    We submit applications and all necessary documents to selected universities
  • YES

    We take care of correspondence and communication with German universities for and on behalf of you
  • YES

    We prepare your application for scholarship in Germany
  • YES

    We provide a report on the work done and the current state of affairs
  • We organize your move to Germany
    899 EUR
  • YES

    Collect, translate, and submit documents to obtain a student visa
  • YES

    We make an appointment for an interview at the German embassy
  • YES

    Together with you we make a plan of action for the "post-move" phase
  • YES

    Together with you we open an account in a German bank or confirm financing through a legal guarantor in Germany
  • YES

    We solve the issues of depositing money into a frozen German account in your favor
  • YES

    Provide a report on the work done and the current state of affairs
  • We carry out your relocation to Germany
    779 EUR
  • YES

    Selecting housing on a given budget and requirements
  • YES

    Finding airline tickets for you
  • YES

    We organize a pickup at the airport
  • YES

    We provide language support at all stages of university admission
  • YES

    We assist in signing contracts, provide an interpreter
  • Support
  • YES

    Counseling for all questions in the first 9 weeks after enrollment
  • YES

    Support and counseling throughout the training period by arrangement


  • Additional services
  • 10 hours

    Training to prepare for relocation and adaptation in Germany.
    450 EUR
  • A1, A2, B1, B2

    (100,- EUR OFF FOR OUR CLIENTS) German language course and preparation for the German certificate exams and for university entrance (2 months, 1.5 hours daily, group of 5 students). Read more...

About the Project


Applicants who want to enter universities in Germany on their own face many problems and bureaucratic obstacles at every stage – collecting and submitting documents, student visas, insurance, language courses, moving and accommodation, which arise inevitably when moving to another country – all this is new to them. Our mission is to support and ease the way for Applicants.

We have been successfully supporting foreign applicants who want to apply to German universities for many years. We are aware of the difficulties of international students and we have extensive experience, enabling us to solve our customers’ problems quickly and efficiently.

GoEurope Education Project is a professional team of qualified German teachers, advisers, interpreters and attorneys, who are there to guide foreign students through the various stages of their move to Germany.

Part of the staff at GoEurope are former and current students of German universities. That is why we know all the subtleties of the German education system and can tell you about the specifics of questions related to admission to German universities. At the same time, the experienced lawyers of our company provide legal security for our clients and are responsible for the legal aspects of the move to Germany.

Over the years we have helped many foreign students to study at German universities and to immigrate to Germany. These people have moved to a beautiful safe country with a good environment and a high standard of living and are now receiving a prestigious education at the best universities in Europe.


Questions & Answers

  1. European education is recognized all over the world.
  2. With a residence permit in Germany you can work all over Europe.
  3. Europe has enough jobs so that every student can find a job in his or her field of study after graduation.
  4. Staying among native speakers, you will learn the language much faster and adapt to Europe.
  5. After graduation, you will find many new ways to build a career.
  1. Germany is the most developed country in Europe and has one of the highest standards of living in the world (which in turn means: good wages, security, insurance, etc., etc.).

  2. Higher education in Germany has traditionally been highly regarded in the world. Universities of Germany have one of the highest world rankings.

  3. Having received higher education in Germany, foreign students can both return to their home country and stay to work in Germany.

It is important to understand that the diploma of a graduate of a German university is recognized by employers in many countries, including Europe, the U.S. and Canada. Graduates are in great demand on the labor market in these countries. In three-four years after graduation from a German university the salary of young professionals starts from 30 000 euros a year and depends on the chosen profession. The most successful students receive invitations to work from major international firms while they are still studying, which is a good incentive to study.

  • Preparation of documents for admission to university and obtaining a visa takes at least six months, so we advise you to contact our agency in advance.
  • Preparation of documents, taking into account the duration of language courses takes at least 8 Months.
For college admission (preparatory year) B1, for university C1.
We prepare you up to the B2 level. Find out more…
Yes, but the number of offers is limited, and admission will be much more difficult (admission is possible only after the first year of a national university or after a completed bachelor’s degree). Unfortunately it is not possible to study medicine in Germany for free in English, because there are no such offers.
There is no need to start at the beginning! If you have already completed your university studies, you can go to Germany through the PhD student program to get your doctorate. You can get a scholarship right away!

University tuition is free (only a semester fee of 200-300 euros per semester).

We give a 100% guarantee for your admission to a university in Germany. We do not have any misfires, all the pitfalls are identified during the first consultation and if there is no chance, we just do not take on your case. So know that you are in good hands and you will definitely receive an invitation letter from a German university to your home address!

  1. Coonvo LTD is an officially registered European company, not a fly-by-night company.
  2. We only issue official invoices, no cash payments.
  3. We value our reputation and in the era of social media, it makes no sense to do our job poorly.
  4. Payment is divided into several stages and each will be invoiced separately.

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